Who We Are

Alex Fraser

Owner & Director

Alex Fraser has over ten years experience in the financial industry and is an expert in the field of People Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring. With a proven track record of leading teams to be successful around the UK. Helping businesses to have employees who strive for business success. He also performs a number of Non-Executive roles to offer unbiased opinions and support on the strategic goals of a company.

Other key skills areas include business development, improving employee engagement and productivity, entrepreneurial thinking, mentoring, succession planning, stakeholder management/influencing, collaboration and risk/compliance/complaints.

Alex is driven, enthusiastic and has been successful throughout his career by looking after his people and creating a great culture to work in.

“On so many occasions throughout my career I have seen great people and friends who have great ideas that have either promoted themselves to be a manager by taking on staff, grown their business too quickly without being able to keep up with demand or quite simply don’t know how to move their idea from A to B.

I take personal pride and pleasure in sitting down with a business owner or one of their team to analyse their business, asking them the right questions to help put a strategic plan in place that will support the controlled growth of their business”

~ Alex Fraser, Owner & Director

Our Values are: Mutual Trust, Mutual Integrity, Mutual Respect and Mutual Support