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How important are the words “How” and “Why”, the short answer is Very!

If someone or worse still a manager of a team doesn’t know “How” to implement something and also “Why”. This could be the difference between completing the project to the standard required or not! And also keeping to the standard required consistently across the team or having dips in performance.

Lets take a look..

Values - Do your team know “Why” they have them? “How” to demonstrate them? and on top of this do they relate to these values?

Performance - Does your team know “How” to sell to different customers? and “Why” this is important to them and the company from performing well or not

Risk - “Why” do certain risk procedures have to be followed and “How” should they be implemented to reduce or remove risk.

This rule will work across almost any KPI in a company.

Action - When you are looking to implement a new project with your team, remember to ask them “Why” it is important and “How” it should be implemented.