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Top Tips for Organisation of Actions to support Engagement

Following on from my post two weeks ago, It is a common challenge that people have so many actions in their jobs, they don’t know how to organise themselves to either:

  1. Complete them within agreed timescale
  2. Ensure that they are completed to the required standard,

By trying to juggle a number of tasks could mean that none of them get completed to a good standard so they are completed within timescales.

ACTION Try this - Have an A B C list for your actions:

A List - Actions to be completed today/tomorrow B List - Actions that need to be completed within 1-2 weeks C List (Strategic) Actions that need to be completed with 1 -2 months

Ensure your specific with your action to make it manageable:

Don’t say - Admin Break it down to - Upload A-C of customer details, D-E and so on

Implement this with your team, coach them and follow up to ensure it is working