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Top Tips for Engagement - Funeral Vs Ball Park

I recently heard a great analogy to say when an employee goes to work is it like going to a “Funeral” or a “Park

I’ll explain:


  • No buzz, very quiet, peoples heads always down
  • People’s eyes roll when their manager walks in the room
  • Lack of motivation/engagement
  • Notice boards which are out of date and just have company rules/laws

Ball Park:

  • Fun, exciting, you can feel the buzz when yo walk in the door
  • Balloons up from celebrating a recent birthday
  • Notice boards up to date sharing successes of individual and teams
  • People always will to help others

Which one of the above would you like to have??

Culture and engagement is whatever the people within the business want it to be. This can be a positive one or a negative one.

Two important factors:

Manager credibility:

  • Is the manager respected
  • Are they trusted If they don’t have any of these attributes then it is very difficult to “light the fire” within people to learn new things and believe in the vision

Does someone have the fire within

  • When you look into people’s eyes do you see the fire to learn or do you just see sand?