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Top Tips for Engagement & Recruitment

Work load and people having sufficient time to action their tasks is key to the level of engagement

If people have too much work Vs the time available, will reduce engagement from loss in motivation. They will either not complete the tasks in time or complete them to a poor standard rushing to get them all completed

So its fair to say your “Staff Pipeline” process is key because:

  • If you don’t plan for people leaving then the work gets spread across the people who are left
  • Some managers may try to hold on to staff when they know they should be supporting them into a new role

What is the answer then…

  • Create a “Staff Pipeline” which records the risk level of staff member moving on and for what reason.
  • Ensure effective PDP’s are being completing and review these quarterly
  • Setup a mentoring scheme to coach potential candidates who could move into a role after someone has left.

Bottom line - If someone leaves, in order to replace the person who has left. The answer shouldn’t be: I will open a job post and see who applies!!

Recruitment can take months and you need to plan this to make sure you get the right candidate as quick as possible to put less strain on the remaining staff.