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Consultancy Vs. Coaching - The right choice could save you money

So many people I speak to these days from business owners, MD's to senior leaders in SME's aren't clear around whether they need a consultant or a coach to help them to grow their business! This is mainly down to one or a combination of factors:

Not being clear on what a consultant or coach can do to help them Not being clear about specifiallcy what they need Sadly the consultancy/coaching firm are marketing or selling themselves in the wrong way. If the wrong one is chosen and the coach or consultant is happy to take your money, then this can end up costing the company £100's if not £1000's as they are two very different services!

So to help SME's who are looking to grow or scale their business and think they may need a coach or consultant I have detailed simple definitions below:

A Coach is to develop existing skills that are already there and more often than not this involves supporting around the mindset of the individual that is being coached, they also tend to be task/action based conversations. They would normally ask a lot of questions of the individual being coached rather than giving answers so that they learn and improve the skills that they have. A Consultant helps with filling a skill gap, so that they can complete actions or projects within a company to help it to grow. This is needed when individuals or teams within a company doesn't have the skill set to complete a project. So in conclusion if someone or a team of people don't currently have the skill set that is required to complete a project then don't hire a coach as you can't be developed in something that you don't currently have, it will waste money and probably will be quite annoying as a coach will be asking questions to individuals that they have no idea what the answer is!!