Mentor Programme

Giving something back to develop professional skills for SME business owners and leaders.

Here at FRSR we truly believe in helping to professionally develop people to accomplish their roles as a leader or manager of people, whether that is coaching an individual in their team, training a group of people, creating a business growth, performance or people plan, conducting an effective performance review, time management/organisational skills or simply chairing a board/team meeting.

About this service:

We have set up a programme that is supported through a network of mentors who are experienced business people in various fields of expertise. These people have kindly given up their time to support local businesses and share their experience to help others with challenge areas of which they have either seen or gone through similar situations themselves.

It is very important that the relationship between the mentor and mentee is a good match and that the relationship works for both parties. Having a mentor can bring great value and expertise along with potentially introducing you to their SME’s (subject matter experts) who could support the success of your business.

How can a mentor help you:

Mentors can provide an independent perspective on your business, acting as a sounding board for new ideas, asking you questions that you may not have thought of or similarly asking you questions that you might not want to hear.

They can work with you to help you to set new goals for your business and to develop yourself professionally. This will help give you assurance and clarity on the direction of your business and the milestones in place to achieve the growth and success.

Looking to be supported by a mentor?

Gaining the support of a mentor can give you support and expertise in an area which is outside your own skill set. Mentors will ask you questions, give you insights from their own experience, open up a network of contacts and vitally offer an impartial sounding board for new ideas and to air business frustrations/challenges. Mentors will support you to develop clarity on your business goals and what you want to achieve.

The mentoring programme is supporting by a network of business owners and company senior leaders who are looking to give something back to society and local businesses to share their knowledge and experience on a one to one basis.

Once you have registered, you will be contacted by one of the team who will match you with a mentor in line with the relationship that they feel will work well along with the expertise area which is needed. FRSR will facilitate the introduction and will also be on hand if further supported is needed.

If you are interested in being mentored register here and one of the team will be in touch. (Please ensure you detail in the email, your name, best contact number and a brief summary about yourself and the area in which you need mentored in).

Find a Mentor

Looking to support as a mentor?

Mentoring can be a great way to share your experience and skills, listening and giving feedback to watch others benefit and progress from your success. This can also give you help give you job satisfaction and broaden your knowledge of how different organisations and industries work.

You will be joining an experienced network of mentors. We will arrange an initial informal meeting to understand you as an individual, your skill set, expertise area and what you want to achieve out of the mentoring programme so that we have the best opportunity to fit you with the right candidate.

From time to time we will also be holding events for our mentors which will give them the opportunity to network and will support them in their own businesses.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor register here and one of the team will be in touch. (Please ensure you detail in the email, your name, best contact number and a brief summary about yourself and expertise area)

Become a Mentor